Accounting System

Flexible and scalable, our accounting system is built with the ability to turn financial raw data into usable information. You can also perform effective analysis and reporting with the system.

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General Ledger

A central repository of all accounting records and financial transactions. It is the basis for producing financial statements such as balance sheet and trial balance.

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Accounts Receivable

Handles the invoicing of customers, keeping track of what customers owe and the processing of their payments.


Management of bank and cash accounts.

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Fixed Asset

Record and update your business assets and manage the depreciation of your fixed assets.

Bank Reconciliation

Matches the balances of your general ledger account to the corresponding amount on the bank statement.

Inventory icon

Manage stock levels, track inventory, easily create purchase orders and track shipments.

Bluecrystal Solutions Accounting System Screenshot

Benefits of Accounting System

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Improved Accuracy and Security

Calculations are done automatically which helps you keep accurate records. Accounting records are kept secure on a password-protected software.

Real-Time Financial Information

View the company’s historical financial information and real-time financial data to provide insights into a company’s finances at any given time.

Improve Productivity

Automating your accounting processes reduces error and time and allows better collaboration between internal business teams.

Better Cash Flow Management

Track payables and receivables to have a clear overview of the company’s financial status which allows the business to develop strategies to maintain healthy cash flow.

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