Build trust networks with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology ensures that transactions can be stored securely in a cluster of participating systems whose identities are being kept anonymous. These participating systems are bound to each other via cryptography, forming a chain. Blockchain is well-suited for managing records, processing transactions and tracing assets.

Blockchain technology


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It is distributed

Blockchain uses independent computers or nodes to record, share and synchronize transactions across the network.

It is permissioned

Permissioned blockchain allows members to decide who can have access privileges to validate the transactions and participate in the consensus on the network.

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It is immutable

No one can tamper with the data as it cannot be deleted or changed. Transactions can only be appended to the blockchain.

Benefits of Blockchain

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Reduced costs

Individuals have direct control of their assets and information, and not relying on a single entity such as large organizations which usually demand a hefty amount to safe keep your assets. This helps to reduce cost for your business.

Reduced risks

Utilizing cryptography, transactions stored in a blockchain cannot be modified or forged. This ensures all your transactions with partners, suppliers and customers are well protected, thus reducing risks for your business.

Improves transparency and traceability

Blockchain's open and immutable nature ensures the actual transactions are recorded accurately and can easily be traced, providing your business with a reliable audit trail.

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