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Bluecrystal Solutions provides a wide range of services which includes CCH® Tagetik Corporate Performance Management, Property Management System Solutions, Travel ERP System Solutions, HCM Management, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), ECommerce Software Development, Accounting System, Chatbot and even System Customisation

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Bluecrystal Group is a technology company that provides ERP software solutions, property management software development, travel ERP system, e-commerce, accounting system, Chatbot services, CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance and more. We are dedicated to helping businesses grow and succeed by providing them with the best technology solutions possible. Our team of experts have years of experience in the industry and are passionate about helping businesses achieve their goals. We believe that our products and services can help businesses of all sizes reach new heights and we are committed to providing the best possible service to our clients.

We make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers anywhere, anytime. We are changing the way businesses interact with their customers by providing a customer service solution that is reliable, efficient and affordable. With Bluecrystal Group, businesses can manage all of their customer interactions from one central location, ensuring that they provide a consistent and superior customer experience no matter where or when the interaction takes place.

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CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

CCH® Tagetik CPM

Help to propel your corporate strategy with faster, better and proven decisions with predictive intelligence with CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance solutions. It helps to streamline and transform your financial and account close & consolidation, regulatory compliance, budgeting planning & forecasting, cash flow planning & analysis to drive your business in the best direction.

Property Management ERP Software- Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

Property ERP System

Helps property companies to address and streamline front and back-office processes with comprehensive property management ERP for residential, commercial & affordable housing. Designed specifically for property company with front-to-end property ERP management, it helps to simplify routine flows such as registrations, house leasing, automatic listing distribution, tenant management system, ancillary services & accounting property management.

Travel ERP System Software - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

Travel ERP System

Through its cutting-edge API integration features, this Travel ERP system enables tour &  activity operators to consolidate inventory from multiple global travel suppliers into a unified software solution. Providing almost everything from travel accommodations & transportation activities to tour packages & fares database to accounting feature and marketing to ensure all are regulate & managed correctly.

Accounting System Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

Accounting System

Flexible & scalable, our accounting system is built with the ability to turn financial raw data into usable information for effective analysis & reporting accounting system. Key features include real-time financial information, banking & inventory management, bank reconciliation, account receivable invoicing & general ledger. This accounting system software improved accuracy & security with better cash flow management.

CRM System Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

CRM System

Designed to collect, organise & manage customer information in efficient way, this CRM system offer centralised database & find untapped opportunities that likely to convert. Key features include customised customer loyalty management, sales force automation, marketing campaign management & real time analysis and reporting management.

ECommerce Software Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

E-Commerce Solutions

Offer one-stop platform for buying and selling goods & services through online for B2B, B2C, C2C & C2B. Our E-Commerce software is user friendly & integrated with CRM system to collect, organise & manage your customer information. Key features include inventory management, seller dashboard, variety of payment integration, shipping & delivery status and real-time custom report.

Chatbot Software Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia


All-In-One Chatbot that helps  to power up your marketing by personalizing your customer experiences and engaging your prospects across multiple communications stream. Offer multichannel integration & 24 hours availability, our Chatbot software helps to reduce operational costs, manpower & time.

HCM System Management - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

HCM System

Comprehensive and innovative business system for all aspects of human resource management on a single integrated platform. Key features include E-Leave module, claims module, training module, payroll reconciliation, timesheet management & performance appraisal module. This cloud-based solution is cost saving & data security with encrypted transmission & firewalls.

Gym Trainer Booking System Software - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

Gym Trainer Booking System

This all-in-one gym booking system and mobile application helps personal trainers to automate client bookings and scheduling for private fitness lessons with 24 hours automated reminders and recurring functions. Key features include keep track on member management, manage instructors & coaches and offer rating and reviews.

System Customisation - Blue Crystal ERP System Malaysia

System Customisation

From concept to code, development to deployment, our system customization provides custom IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimise operations and boost revenues. Our team has the technology and software development solutions to power your company at every stage of your software development lifecycle from A to Z.

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Bluecrystal Solutions provides a wide range of services which includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), e-commerce, Accounting system and Chatbot.

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