Professional IT solutions provider

Incorporated in 2010, Bluecrystal Solutions is a professional service provider, focusing on IT solutions. We craft wide-ranging web applications and ERP system solutions to enable our clients to completely stay focused on their core competencies. Among others, we undertake delivery, supply, commission, installation, support, training, and maintenance of IT turnkey projects.

MOF-Registered Contractor

We are registered with MOF (Ministry of Finance) to undertake all computerisation projects that involve software development, supply of networking, hardware, consultancy and training services.

Our Vision

Go extra miles with clients & partners

Deliver reliable, innovative and cost-effective ERP system management & solutions with both clients and partners.

Continuous growth to shareholders

Achieve increasing returns with strong growth strategies and sound financial management with shareholders.

Joint development with employees

Provide conducive working environment to acquire skills & expertise in building a successful career.


Seamless Integrated ERP

We offers a 360-degree seamless view from property ERP management, travel ERP software, Accounting Management, Ecommerce, HCM, Chatbot & System Customisation

Data & Cloud Security

ERP solutions provides appropriate data and cloud security functionality to the users with lessen manual order entry time and errors

Streamline Business Process

ERP applications from A to Z, our software systems adjust to your business core rules & procedures, making it easier to manage every module of your company’s operations.

Real Time Data & Information

Our ERP system let you perform analysis, run and share reports, and monitor and manage projects instantly with predictive intelligence capabilities.

Boost Productivity & Flexibility

Our ERP Malaysia system implementation allows businesses to experience the remarkable enhancements in their efficiency along with overall productivity.

Easy To Use & Implement

Our ERP system making the user-interface more friendly and easy-to-use, helps simplifying business processes as well as your business core

Cost Saving

ERP software helps in reducing labour and operating costs by maximising their ROI, time and entrepreneurial resources to grow efficiently

Expert Support

We are the industry expert that is trusted by partners and clients. Assist to provide industry expertise & advice to help you plan and implement the best ERP system for your business