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CCH® Tagetik Corporate Performance Management

Bluecrystal Group help to propel your corporate strategy with faster, better and proven decisions with predictive intelligence with CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance solutions.
By connecting CCH Tagetik intelligence-decisions, this solutions is not your basic-ordinary CPM provider. It helps to streamline and transform your financial close & consolidation, regulatory compliance, planning and operations with open architecture solutions.

CCH Tagetik Corporate Performance Management

Key Features of CCH® Tagetik CPM Solutions

CCH Tagetik goes beyond your basic Corporate Performance Management solutions. By connecting financial and operational data in a unified intelligent platform, this CPM able to integrate with your current business solutions and drive your business in the best direction.

Budgeting Planning & Forecasting​

Makes it easier & better financial and operational plan using built-in predictive intelligence data analysis. It also speed up planning cycles & produce real-time what-if analysis and simulation

Supply Chain Planning

Provide 360 view of resilience end-to-end supply chain planning into solutions that connects demand, supply, inventory and sales & operations planning with your business financial planning

Cash Flow Planning & Analysis

Manage risk, KPI targets & improve financial management that gives you the best coverage of invested capital to satisfy your stakeholder’s need to maximum.

ESG & Sustainability Performance Management

CCH Tagetik ESG & Sustainability regulated with pre-built & configurable solutions that helps to streamline your financial data collection, calculation & KPI target of your financial to improve outcomes

Financial Close & Consolidation

Equipped with complex global requirements from end-to-end, CCH Tagetik Financial Close and Consolidation consolidated data from all aspects – budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting & disclosure

Account Reconciliation & Transaction Matching

Integrated with AI-powered machine learning capabilities to improve productivity & account reconciliation, this solution help to reconcile balance sheet, income statement & other complex accounts automatically

Disclosure Management

Manage, calculate, populate and integrated your latest data into reports, this software aim to minimize manual input and increase productivity to let you focus on what important instead – your business

Compliance Regulatory Reporting

Powered by CCH Tagetik Information Hub software, it help to inputs, narrative, updates, approve and audits your financial accounts. All includes configurable report template at one click

Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

No more data too complex with CCH Tagetik CPM that built with what-if analysis & real-time trends on dashboards. This software explore every angle of scenario to provide in-depth analysis that improve decision making

Financial Reporting

Combining reporting tools with real-time data, automation & insights, CCH Tagetik centralized seamlessly with Microsoft Office. Reporting such as monthly financial statements, board books & annual reports can be easily consolidated into reports

Production Cost Planning & Control

Integrate with your business financial plan & KPIs, this CCH Tagetik centralize data across all divisions with real-time information. Equipped with cost-efficiency & maximizing profit, it help to improve profitability by reconcile operational and financial decisions

Profitability Analysis

Align & maximize your business profitability by allocating, managing, directing activity-based cost. Get actionable insights & visibility by visualizing costs and revenues on the reporting dashboard. And when things change, get notified real-time with alerts

CCH® Tagetik Finance Transformation Platform

Powered by the Analytic Information Hub, Finance can modernize and prepare for the future with a foundation for AI, machine learning and predictive analytics.
Now Finance has, in one solution, all the financial processes and the information to gain better insights, enable sustainable value creation and make faster decisions to drive the business to where it needs to go.

Key Benefits

Unified Platform

A single solution with complete visibility and control of corporate data to address multiple stakeholders needs.

Drives Innovation

Run on complex calculations with big data to provide all-in-one solutions with proven results.

Allow Cloud Integrations

CCH Tagetik CPM is available on the cloud with full functionality, control, security, compliance & certifications to suit your business operations.

Platform For Future

With in-memory computing & performant engine that run on high volume data for future needs for AI, machine learning & predictive analytics.

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