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Human Capital Management (HCM) System is a comprehensive and innovative business system for your organisation. It addresses all aspects of human resource management on a single and integrated platform.

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Key Features of HCM System Software

Personal Information Management Module

Stores and maintains employees’ records such as personal details, earnings, leave entitlement, claims, appraisal, experience, skills and more.

E-Leave Module

Defines the various types of leave used in the organisation and sync the data to employees who are entitled to them.

Claims Module

 Defines various claims and making compensation a known parameter in the financial planning of an organisation.

Training Module

 Assists not only in identifying training programs, courses, venues, schedules but also to keep track of budget and expenditure on all training activities.

Payroll Module

 Integrates with E-Leave and Timesheet modules to provide trouble-free preparation of all statutory reports such as monthly pay slips, PCB, SOCSO, EPF and etc. The payroll reconciliation helps to keep an accurate and timely monthly payroll summary.

Timesheet Module

 Integrates with Payroll Module and automates the calculation of overtime, absence, unpaid hours and other allowances. Approval for these transactions can be executed electronically from a local office or remotely.

Security Module

 Provides the central control over the accessibility and the confidentiality of the HCM System by providing different levels of password protection. Only authorized users are able to access the system.

Performance Appraisal Module

 Enables an appraisal form to be published and distributed to the intended parties for the employee performance rating evaluation. Corresponding recommendations and assessments of the employee are recorded for comparative analysis.

Benefits of HCM System

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