An Overview of ERP Software, How it Works and Benefits to Businesses

What is ERP Software - mybluecrystal ERP Software Solution Malaysia

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Ventures are leveraging technology to improve their operations and get a competitive edge over rivals.
Do you know the benefits of digitizing processes? What is ERP software? What about integrated resource planning and management systems?

We will look at ERP to help you understand its impact and how to utilize them in your business.


What is ERP Software?


Let’s take a look at ERP system meaning because a lot of people don’t know what ERP software system means. An enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is an application to help streamline business operations using data.

It offers a centralized place to manage resources from various departments, which include human resources, marketing, sales, supply chain, manufacturing, and accounting. There are different plans to purchase. Access to information about business operations and your internal engagements will be instant.

The software will have all your company information to help you with business management. Data from an ERP system can assist with operational and strategic planning. Having a single source for company information ensures data integrity and avoids duplication.

It also supports compliance with industry standards and best practices.

Basic ERP Modules | Bluecrystal Malaysia
Basic ERP Modules. Source: Vecteezy

An ERP system is a valuable investment as it will increase workforce output and make processes more efficient. However, the results depend on the ERP system Malaysia service provider.

A full suite provides solutions to businesses regardless of their size and industry. It offers more than what traditional management applications have.

The complete package will have additional business management tools to help with financial planning, budgeting, forecasting, and reporting. Every business needs an ERP solution for a smooth workflow. It brings together all business functions to one platform.

The objective of ERP is to make resources accessible across departments since they are interdependent.


Why Your Business Needs ERP Software

We live in a digital era, and businesses must adopt a new way or risk losing to competitors. The advantages of ERP system implementations are that they offer a holistic solution to venture needs and help overcome challenges in daily operations.

Your business will benefit from the technology and help adapt to the existing market environment. Automation of processes makes it easier to complete tasks faster. ERP software Malaysia enhances data accessibility and security. You can choose the modules you want that are customizable to fit your business.

Enterprises work with lots of data in their daily operations. Investing in an ERP system will make work more manageable and increase efficiency. It’ll also improve the decision-making process as it will be easy for stakeholders to access information via the software.

Things will move faster due to swift communication, quick correspondence, and a smooth workflow. Teams coordinate better by people working concurrently according to their roles and access rights. So, ERP solutions positively impact project management. In the next section, we will look at an example of an ERP system and its application.


How Does an ERP System Work?

An enterprise resource planning system is different from other management applications. Unlike other business management software, it incorporates business processes from several departments.

Its components can provide solutions to various operations while integrating them into one system. All its tools work from a single platform making business running more manageable.

Every enterprise can benefit from the ERP systems modules since the software has applications in all industries.

ERP System Components | Bluecrystal Malaysia
ERP system components. Source: Vecteezy

Since ERP software’s main objective is to provide a centralized database for business resources, it becomes easier for management to plan daily operations and utilize available data for prudent decision-making. The system gets information from departments using the modules and makes it accessible to authorized personnel.

Businesses can improve their problem-solving since ERP solutions offer a broader operations perspective. Management can understand better the scope of challenges and how the decisions will affect processes. Apart from streamlining workflow, enterprises can benefit from business intelligence, key performance indicators, and automation.

It is advisable to select enterprise resource planning software with essential functions like accounting,  supply chain management, sales, marketing, and reporting. A cloud-based system provides unlimited storage for data.


What Industries can Benefit from ERP?

The functions of ERP modules make the software versatile and applicable to various industries. Here are some sectors benefiting from the systems;

  • Travel: ERP software enables hotels to manage resources and schedule activities from their outlets via a single platform.
  • Property: Enterprises in the industry use our comprehensive property management ERP systems to provide a swift and seamless process for property managers. With every aspect of your work being simplified, streamlined, and unified, your productivity will increase.
  • Finance: ERP systems help firms in the financial sector automate their processes. It minimizes accounting errors and guides users on the best practices.
  • Automotive: Businesses in the field have to maintain records on the car types and parts they deal with. ERP provides a central place for data access.
  • Healthcare: Pharmaceuticals benefit from ERP systems in managing internal controls to ensure products attain the industry standards. Healthcare service providers can access patients’ information easily from the systems.
  • Manufacturing: ERP software is essential in providing information across departments and supply chain management. It streamlines the workflow since construction companies deal with many materials.


When Do You Need ERP?

Although ERP systems were originally for a few enterprises, other types of businesses can now use them. Here are some indicators that you need ERP;

  • If your business utilizes manual processes: Suppose you still use spreadsheets for data management and emails for all internal communications. In that case, investing in ERP will automate most operations. You get various modules in a single software to help manage your core business processes.
  • Inefficient systems: ERP software can provide the solution if your business management tools are ineffective. Technology is essential in navigating the highly digital business environment.
  • Existence of errors: Centralized access to business resources to minimize the risks of mistakes in undertaking tasks. Apart from streamlining the process, ERP helps with business resources streamlining and management.
  • When using several management applications: sometimes business tools fail to work well together, affecting their output. However, the ERP suite will have modules for all departments in a single software that  integrates well with other management applications.


How to Select An ERP System

Once you have a clear understanding of what enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is, it becomes easier when it comes to choosing the right system for your needs.

Since every ERP system performs different functions depending on business needs, there is no “one size fits all” software for all companies. However, depending on its operations, you can get the right one for your enterprise.

Other factors to consider when selecting a Malaysia ERP system are the capabilities/features, business size, and integration. Still, evaluating the service provider before subscribing to their platform or buying enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is essential.

A reputable developer will have the best software: Look at their portfolio to see their clients, reviews, and if the projects are successful. It would help to seek referrals for companies offering ERP systems in Malaysia.

You’re probably wondering what the ERP software system benefits. ERP systems should offer an edge over rivals. Investing in the latest technology helps businesses to benefit from artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and cryptocurrency.

Still, the selected platform should incorporate modules to support your business needs. Ensure that it has the essential tools for daily operations. A supply chain management module will help with the entire process from production to sales if you are a supplier retailer.

Finance and accounting tools can help with cash flow monitoring. Besides digitizing the whole business, a cloud ERP system in Malaysia can aid businesses with e-commerce as it is with digitization.


Choose A Trusted Service Provider – Bluecrystal ERP Solution Malaysia

You can grow your venture by utilizing the small business ERP suite. Choosing a trusted software provider is critical to get the best results. Bluecrystal Malaysia is a reputable firm to work with for all your hardware and software needs when implementing enterprise resource planning systems. Here are reasons to consider our service;

Seamless Integration

Our ERP suite is all-inclusive and will automate all of your business processes. The application integrates seamlessly with other management tools you are utilizing.

Realtime Data and Information

Project monitoring is fast with the Bluecrystal software as it offers real-time data and information.

Expert Support

Bluecrystal has the personnel for modern ERP solutions support. Besides helping with ERP implementation, experts will guide you on the best practices.

Data and Cloud Security

The Bluecrystal system has security features for servers and cloud components to ensure data security.


Types of ERP Modules Offered by Bluecrystal Malaysia

1. CCH® Tagetik CPM

The module by Bluecrystal helps in performance evaluation. It improves decision-making by providing accurate data and making it accessible to all departments. The business intelligence features help in predicting and forecasting.

CCH Tagetik CPM offers more than the standard corporate performance management apps. Besides assisting businesses to plan for their finances through budgeting and planning, it can manage cash flows. It makes it easy to monitor your capital and promote investment growth. Also, it helps with compliance through automated accounts reconciliation.

Business performance management software | Bluecrystal Malaysia
Business performance management software.

CCH Tagetik CPM simplifies complex data for better financial reporting. The software has a dashboard with real-time trends and what-if analysis to enhance your business management.

You can tell your enterprise’s profitability by using company revenues and expenses data. The software will alert you on your business performance depending on the KPIs set.

2. Property ERP System

Suppose you are looking for ideal software for property management. In that case, the Bluecrystal software has modules for your business. It streamlines administrative tasks and workflow.

The property management module can assist in registering properties, leasing houses, updating tenant information, and communicating. Besides the front office duties, the Bluecrystal property ERP system will help market houses to tenants or buyers as you can find effective strategies in finding clients.

The application connects with digital and social media platforms to enable quick property listing. Automating the tasks will give you a competitive advantage as it will take less time to get a client.

The property ERP system module provides finance and accounting features to manage your financial transactions. Also, the software stores information about tenants and helps with daily tasks like screening, scheduling maintenance, and billing.

Property ERP system helps market houses to tenants or buyers | Bluecrystal Malaysia
Property ERP system helps market houses to tenants or buyers.

3. Travel ERP System

Businesses in the travel industry can improve their operations and streamline office processes with this module. It ensures efficiency in performing duties and customer service. Bluecrystal travel ERP system offers a centralized database from which stakeholders in the travel sector can benefit.

Ventures can utilize the system to provide a holistic solution to clients, and it links global businesses to customers needing services. Companies in the tours, hospitality, and travel fields can create a portfolio to promote their business.

Potential customers will get everything they need for their trip, from transport, accommodation, and financial transactions.

Travel ERP system increases efficiency and operational flexibility | Bluecrystal Malaysia
Travel ERP system increases efficiency and operational flexibility.

The travel ERP module streamlines processes and guarantees a smooth workflow. Customers get all the information they need from the platform as the system pulls resources from different companies to store on the forum. Travel companies can market their services using the application and improve their financial management using accounting tools.

4. Accounting System

The accounting software in the Bluecrystal ERP system has vital features to help with prudent financial management. They include inventory management, bank reconciliation, asset management, banking management, accounts receivables, and general ledger. The accounting system is interactive and simple to use.

5. CRM System

Enterprises can improve their customer relationship management using ERP systems. The modules provide valuable information on your clients helping to understand them better.

It helps businesses retain customers by satisfying their needs and increasing sales by automating the process. CRM module stores data to help business managers in their decision-making and reporting.

6. E-Commerce System Integration

Investing in an all-inclusive cloud ERP system will support your e-commerce initiatives. It helps with customer information management, product listing, and stocktaking. The app is user-friendly, and customers can shop on it. Still, it records all transactions your business engages in over the internet.

E-commerce is fast-growing in nature | Bluecrystal Malaysia
E-commerce is fast-growing in nature.

7. Chatbot

The Bluecrystal ERP system’s chatbot module provides users support by enabling 24-hour customer service. Customers can chat with a bot for solutions to their challenges.

Chatbox concept to offer 24-hour customer support | Bluecrystal Malaysia
Chatbox concept to offer 24-hour customer support.

8. HCM System

The module helps with human resource management. It enables businesses to store and manage their workforce data. The HCM system has features that help with payroll, employee information, training, claims, leave, and appraisal.

9. Gym Trainer Booking System

Gym trainers can digitize their services with a cloud ERP software system. It will automate the booking and scheduling for enhanced efficiency.

10. ERP System Customization

This is an example of an ERP system whose features assist IT businesses in customizing their operations for increased efficiency and productivity.

A responsive app interface design improves work efficiency and productivity | Bluecrystal Malaysia
A responsive app interface design improves work efficiency and productivity.


Get Started With ERP

Businesses benefit immensely from investing in modern ERP technology. The Bluecrystal ERP systems are holistic and offer digital solutions on a single platform. You can select the basic modules and choose a suitable plan depending on your business needs.

Get in touch with us today to know more!

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