Why Small Businesses Need ERP Software

Why Small Businesses Need ERP Software - Bluecrystal Malaysia

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Today’s modern enterprises can use digital tools to their advantage by creating a central hub of company-related information. This benefits the company, making it easier to strategize and work smarter in order to succeed.

Do you know the importance of an ERP solution to small businesses? Present-day tech can break down barriers between departments at the office by automating information flow.

Despite what others say, company size does not actually matter when seeking an ERP solution: any small business can adopt the system. The move will help in competing with established brands in the industry.

Here, we will examine why small businesses need  ERP software and the best ERP software for small businesses and how a reputable service provider ensures successful implementation.


Benefits of ERP Software for Small Businesses

For a Competitive Edge

Industries are more competitive, and investing in the best ERP software can help a small business survive. Rival companies are already using the ERP system Malaysia service, and it is wise for small businesses to start implementing the strategy too.

The right ERP software aids in utilizing resources better, leading to improved performance and production. Apart from digitizing the processes and streamlining the workflow, it provides real-time data for financial management, enhances customer service, and improves supply chain management.

Small businesses can benefit from artificial intelligence for customer satisfaction and gain a competitive advantage.

Sample ERP modules illustration - Bluecrystal Malaysia
Sample ERP modules illustration.

For an Increase in Efficiency and Throughput

Manual processes are tedious, while clerical work can be demanding. Small business ERP software will improve efficiency by automating processes.

Employees’ will do more improving throughout without hiring additional staff clarity on their tasks and eliminates the risks of errors from a tired workforce.

Collaboration between departments improves because of digitization and centralized data access. Several workers can work on a project simultaneously using an ERP application.


For Customer Engagement and Better Service Delivery

Small businesses will find it challenging to handle orders from customers if they do not have the infrastructure. Delays in service delivery will lead to loss of revenue and customers. It will harm a business’s reputation and customer appeal from negative feedback.

However, ERP software for small businesses enhances customer relationship management. It improves service delivery and promotes customer engagement.

Client complaints and queries will be available from a centralized platform: companies can boost customer relations by promptly addressing the issues. They will know consumer needs and market trends to adapt their strategies accordingly.


For Information Sharing

Small business ERP software improves information flow: departments share information with their counterparts in real-time. The software will store all company data on a single system and disseminate accurate information to the workforce.

It gives staff a broader business, helping the company achieve its objectives. It supports internal communication, and stakeholders can implement an ERP strategy to improve information flow.

Also, it eliminates miscommunication which can lead to costly errors.


Why No Amount of Data Is Too Little for an ERP

No amount of data is too small. Any business can integrate an ERP system to streamline its processes. A disconnect between management tools will only prove to negatively affect enterprises.

An ERP solution implementation creates a centralized system for all business processes, regardless of the data amount you encounter daily.

Business data analysis - Bluecrystal Malaysia
Business data analysis.


Here is how any business can streamline its production by implementing the system:

It Simplifies Internal Communication

Departments will communicate better when using an ERP system. For example, the marketing department can get information on sales while accounting gets marketing data using the same platform.

Although departments are interdependent, information flow and communication will be easier with ERP integration.


It Ensures Compliance With The Industry Standards

Businesses can configure their ERP system according to industry standards. It will ensure compliance and helps the workforce know what is the best thing to do as they perform their duties.

Standardizing operations using ERP integration will aid businesses in achieving their objectives. Still, it factors in future needs and assists companies shift to modern technology for success.


ERP Improves Inventory Management and Demand Forecasting

Small business ERP software extends to supply chain management. Businesses can know the production needs and plan their supplies as required. It provides a broader perspective of available stock by offering the information like expiry dates for better planning.

Demand forecasting will be possible using data and analytics tools in the small business ERP system. It will have information to determine consumer trends and initiate strategies to adapt to the ever-changing business environment.


How Can ERP Pricing Flex to Accommodate Smaller Budgets

ERP system small business investment will rely on your budget. Finding a suitable option can be challenging when your finances are tight. However, enterprises working with a limited budget can get a favorable price for an ERP software solution.

Service providers set the pricing for a complete package, including features that small businesses may not use. It will help if the vendor customizes the ERP systems integration to fit the company’s needs and budget.

ERP system integration and its pricing - Bluecrystal Malaysia
ERP system integration and its pricing.


Below are some factors to consider when selecting a budget-friendly system:

  •  Industry

Business needs differ depending on the industry, influencing ERP integration. Small enterprises don’t need complex systems. However, it is best to consider the software’s suitability for operations or project management.

The application should be compatible with a business management solution or tool already in use. You want to invest in a system specific to your sector and customizable to fit into your operations.

It is essential for prudent investment and getting value for your money, regardless of the costs.

  • Size

ERP system service providers typically charge companies depending on their size. They pay for the number of users. A small business should opt for a cloud ERP system rather than an on-premise one.

The former is affordable and has limited costs (licensing and implementation). Scaling up is easy, and there are no additional costs like server purchase, hiring IT experts, and maintenance costs.

  • Specialty

It would be best to purchase from a service provider with experience implementing the strategy for entities in your line of business. Utilizing personnel with the required skills is vital to getting the best outcome with ERP integration.


Signs That Show It’s Time to Implement an ERP

Here are some indicators that a business requires an ERP system:

A Complicated Inventory Management Process

If you are finding challenges in warehouse management, it is a sign your business needs enterprise resource planning software. It includes things like recurrent overstocking or failure to meet customer demands.

ERP will provide data to forecast future production needs.


Lack of Departmental Collaboration

Departments must collaborate for a smooth workflow and efficiency. If you find no collaboration between departments, ERP integration is the solution.

ERP systems are centralized, which helps a small business in information sharing, improving efficiency, and saving time. It sources data across all departments, and staff can access accurate information in real-time.


Poor Data Management

Businesses handle lots of data in their daily operations. Suppose you find it challenging to manage the information.

In that case, you need to implement ERP solutions into the business. It helps with data consolidation, making tasks like collecting, processing, and sharing data more manageable.


Failure to Meet Customers’ Demands

Trouble meeting customer demands make enterprises lose revenue and customers. An ERP system is necessary if the company fails to respond to client queries promptly. It enables enterprises to get instant information on customer demands to take action.


Inefficient Business Processes

Change is inevitable in the business environment. Manual and outdated processes like using excel sheets for data management are signs of investing in modern digital tools.

ERP system integration streamlines all business processes. It promotes growth by improving workforce efficiency and performance.


How Bluecrystal ERPs Can Facilitate and Accommodate Growth

Finding the right service provider for ERP system integration is critical in determining the results.

Bluecrystal is a reputable firm offering digital solutions for all company sizes. We customize and provide the best technology for businesses while keeping up with industry trends.

Our aim is to help upcoming enterprises digitize their operations and grow small businesses. Bluecrystal offers superior products and services to rival companies.


Growing your business with Bluecrystal’s ERP systems
Growing your business with Bluecrystal’s ERP systems.

Here are some of our digital tools to transform and grow businesses:

CCH Tagetik CCM

It is a corporate performance solution to help a small business strategize and make decisions. CCH Tagetik offers a centralized database.

The features assist with financial management, budgeting, forecasting, cash flow analysis, supply chain management, accounts payable and reconciliation, transaction matching, disclosure management, and sustainability performance management.


Property ERP System

The specialized ERP SME module for the real estate industry provides a holistic approach to property management. The property ERP system automates office tasks and supports real estate management.

Besides aiding front and back office tasks, agencies can market their property using the platform. It is a cloud based ERP software that provides valuable data for small business intelligence that helps cut operation costs and profitability.

Still, it works as accounting software and promotes the bests practices.


Travel ERP System

Businesses in the travel industry can adopt the ERP system to streamline key business functions. It automates the booking process and helps with the smooth running of travel businesses.

Clients can access information on available services from the database. In addition, travel companies can use it for accounting, marketing, and reporting.


HCM System

The ERP module digitizes human resources management operations and secures sensitive employee information. It assists HR officers in payroll preparation, performance appraisal, and managing timesheets. In addition, staff can apply for leave and file claims via the platform.

Besides offering the best ERP software, Bluecrystal has skilled personnel to help businesses implement ERP. Our technicians are passionate about assisting businesses to adopt digital systems and are experienced.

The service includes installation and continuous support for clients. Bluecrystal takes a client-oriented approach to service delivery. Businesses can share their ideas with our company, and we will actualize them.

Our plan is customizable to fit an organization’s specific needs. Bluecrystal small business ERP modules can facilitate and accommodate growth through:


  • Seamless Integrated ERP

Bluecrystal’s ERP systems integrate seamlessly. Businesses get a 360 view of their operations as all modules will send their data to a single place.

  • Cost Saving

Cloud ERP software increases throughput by enhancing workforce performance and productivity. The digitization strategy will save time in completing tasks and reduce operational costs.

  • Streamline Business Processes

ERP integration ensures the smooth running of business operations. Bluecrystal business solutions will fit into any business regardless of size, making processes more efficient.

  • Boost Productivity and Flexibility

Bluecrystal ERP solutions enhance productivity through efficient processes. Their application is flexible as it assists enterprises in adapting their strategies to suit the ever-changing business environment.

  • Real-time Data and Information

Information sharing and project management are easier with Bluecrystal cloud ERP integration. The digital tool holds loads of data in one platform and improves how information flows across departments.

A cloud ERP system is the best option. Personnel can access information from the field and has vast storage. Real-time data access speeds up decision-making. ERP systems assist in forecasting consumer demands using business intelligence.



The benefits of ERP software integration are evident as the industry is growing exponentially. More businesses are implementing strategies to gain a competitive edge over rivals. Investing in modern ERP for small business is necessary to survive in a highly competitive market.

If you are operating a small business that has yet to incorporate an ERP system, do not wait any longer. A business can grow rapidy by working with an ERP vendor offering professional services.

Talk to Bluecrystal representatives today to get started with your Enterprise Resource Planning software. Our specialized ERP software small business products are customized for all industries to fit your business needs.

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